Public education in Delhi is undergoing a transformation.
Seize your opportunity to join the Delhi Education Revolution.
Last date to apply: 8th August, 2016. Program begins from September, 2016.


Why you should become a CMIE Fellow

Investment in Education has been more than doubled by the Delhi Government over the past year. Our commitment to providing quality education to every child in Delhi and your passion for contributing to society has the potential to touch the lives of lakhs of students studying in Delhi Government schools. Fellows will get an opportunity to work closely with Manish Sisodia (Minister of Education, Delhi), SCERT, the Department of Education, NGO partners and various other stakeholders. Fellows will work on projects that directly impact society in a positive way, through affordable and quality education.

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Fellows will work closely with SCERT, the Department of Education, NGO partners and stakeholders in programmes and will be responsible for assisting and ensuring implementation by providing leadership and programme management skills, monitoring and evaluation support, leading high-quality documentation and assisting with troubleshooting as needed. Fellows will be required to enhance the efficiency of stakeholders, address challenges and find meaningful solutions that are considerate and sustainable. For details about the activities Fellows will undertake over the course of the program, click here. The Fellowship will involve a full time commitment for one year, extendable to two years, with a stipend of 40,000 INR per month. The program comprises of eight streams, each of which requires Fellows to work with a distinct set of stakeholders and a unique set of challenges.

  • Principal Leadership Development Programme

    The PLDP focuses on working with Heads of Schools in developing leadership and collaboration, instilling personal responsibility & a shared vision for school transformation. Fellows will support the execution of the programme as they bring back practice within their own schools working with teachers and School Management Committees.

  • School Management Committee (SMC)

    School Management Committees (SMCs) build a critical bridge between the community and the school, playing the role of providing oversight in schools to ensure all basic requirements of the school are being met as per the Right to Education Guidelines 2009. The Delhi Government has revived and empowered SMCs in Delhi over the past year with phenomenal results.
  • Mentor Teacher Programme

    The Mentor Teacher programme has been designed to leverage the creative expertise of 200 teachers in further strengthening the academic and pedagogic capacities of other 45,000+ teachers of DoE schools. This will be achieved through cluster based learning, on strengthening their foundational skills and building perspective with regards to the learning capabilities of students as stated in the overall goal for the year.

  • Online Platform for Teacher Training 

    The Delhi Government is in process of creating an online platform for teachers to support them in strengthening several concepts and classroom management practices in the classrooms. This platform will engage teachers through extensively used tools for individualised training and learning. The Fellows will work on developing content as well as the platform.

  • Counselling and Guidance

    Counselling and guidance in harmony with the goals of education, aim to facilitate maximum personal development of children in all spheres of life. In its attempt to meet the needs of all students, guidance and counselling makes education a meaningful and satisfying experience. Fellows will assess the students' learning and understanding about themselves as it is as important as learning about various school subjects. 
  • Special Education

    Special Education Fellow will be responsible for assessment of requirement of Special Education Teachers in schools of GNCTD. The responsibilities includes preparation of test material for psychological tests of learning, mental, physical and emotional disabilities. 
  • Management Information Systems

    MIS Fellows would be involved in projects to increase efficiency and help in better functioning of the processes within SCERT. This might include automating and organising frequent activities/processes, and formulating necessary documentation related to the projects run by the SCERT. 
  • Learning Assessment 

    Fellows engaged in learning assessment project would be responsible for creation and pilot runs of tools of learning assessment for Foundational Learning Skills programme. In addition, they would be involved in gathering and analysis of the relevant data.


Indian citizens or persons with PIO/OCI status, with a Bachelors degree and a minimum of two years of work experience in the field of education or in the social sector, and who are between 22-35 years of age are eligible to apply.

Since each stream entails different challenges, they each require additional qualifications from applying candidates.

Common qualification for Principal Leadership Development Programme, Mentor Teacher Programme, SCERT on-line platform for Learning (Content Development), School Management Committee and Learning Assessment:

Preference would be given to those who have experience in curriculum or content creation for schools.

Qualification for SCERT on-line platform for Learning (IT) and MIS:

Fellows would be required to have a graduate degree in Computer Science or in a related discipline. The candidates must have Logical understanding, Data interpretation skills, Critical reasoning and expertise in MS Excel/Google Spreadsheets (should know about pivots).

Work experience may be in the Social/Education/IT sector.

  • MS SQL or MySQL or PostGres
  • Coding experience with languages like Python, R
  • 1-2 years of experience in an analytics based company.
  • Experience with statistical modeling.
  • People from Mathematics and Statistics background should be preferred.

Qualification for Counselling and Guidance and Special Education: Degree/Diploma or experience of two years in the relevant field.


Applications for the Change-makers in Education Fellowship have now closed. Candidates shortlisted for the next round will be informed by 17th August, 2016.