Counselling and Guidance

Counselling and guidance in harmony with the goals of education, aim to facilitate maximum personal development of children in all spheres of life. In its attempt to meet the needs of all students, guidance and counselling makes education a meaningful and satisfying experience. Fellows will assess the students’ learning and understanding about themselves as it is as important as learning about various school subjects. Every child has the potential to develop self-understanding which includes understanding of abilities, interests, behaviours, attitudes, values, conflicts, anxieties, likes, dislikes, impulses / emotions, goals, one’s role in society etc. The Fellows will on one hand help in activities relating to further placement and career development as also tender advice and prepare study material on challenges such as substance abuse faced in schools. The Fellow will also impart this knowledge to the teachers and Principals so that they may also identify the potential of each child.

Degree/Diploma and two year experience in the relevant field.