Online Platform for Teacher Training

The Delhi Government is in the process of creating an online platform for teachers to support them in strengthening several concepts and classroom management practices along with various innovations in classrooms. This platform will engage teachers through extensively used tools for individualised training and learning. Fellows will work on developing content as well as the platform. The primary purpose is the development of curriculum and addressing gaps for teachers in their own content learning. The Online Platform will induct a total of 10 Fellows, with 7 overseeing content development for various subjects and design and 3 overseeing the IT requirements and development of the platform itself. The latter will require a software background and expertise and prior experience in having developed online platforms, preferably for disseminating learning content.

All candidates must hold a graduate degree in any field, from a reputed university.

Additional Eligibility Criteria (for fellows in content development)

  • Preference would be given to those who have a post-graduate degree in the core subjects taught in schools-English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science.
  • Preference would be given to those who have experience in curriculum or content creation for schools.

Additional Eligibility Criteria (for fellows in on-line platform for Learning (IT))

  • Fellows would require to have a graduate degree in Computer Science or in a related discipline.
  • The candidates must have Logical Understanding, Data interpretation skills, Critical Reasoning and Expert in MS Excel/Google Spreadsheets (should know about pivots).
  • Work experience may be in the Social/Education/IT sector.
  • MS SQL or MySQL or PostGres
  • Coding experience with languages like Python, R
  • 1-2 years of experience in an analytics based company.
  • Experience with statistical modelling.
  • People from Mathematics and Statistics background would be preferred